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        1. Product News

          09 National Holiday & Middle-Autumn Festival Arrangement

          Sep 21, 2009

          Oct 1st will see the 60 year anniversary of PR of China. In the past 60 years, China has grown from a new born Children to current lifeful, richful, brightful young guy and will continue to develop.

          Also the tradtional Chinese Lunar Middle-Autumn Festival will come in on Oct 3rd, 09. It's the time for people come home and enoy the happniess with the family & friends.

          We'd like to inform our holiday arrangement like follows:

          Sep 28th, 09~Sep 30th, 09: Temporary stop accepting new orders, so if you have new orders of metal dome or dome array, please help to place to us early or postpone.

          Oct 1st, 09~Oct 6th, 09: All people on vacation, no samples, no production

          Oct 7th, 09: Back to normal working time

          Wish everybody has a nice day.

          Best Co., Ltd.

          60 anniversary
          middle-autumn festival